Top 10 Best Cricket Fielders Of All Time

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Everyone know the importance of batting and bowling in cricket but many of us don’t take fielding seriously. Actually no team can win a match by leaving catches, lose fielding. Fielding is the backbone to win any match. A team can win a match if their batting or bowling is weak but can’t if their fielding is bad.

Batsman and bowlers take their team in a strong position but fielders help the teams to win. Actually, fielding is the most important core of cricket. Earlier it was not taken seriously by many teams but nowadays it has become a necessity.

A player can be selected if his/her batting or bowling is slightly less than other but if his/her fielding is very good than others than he will be chosen first. In today’s world of cricket, fielding and fitness are the two main core.

So, in today’s article we will see top 10 best fielders in cricket ever born.

1. Jonty Rhodes (The best fielder ever born)

Jonty Rhodes was and is a legend and acquires first position in our list of top 10 best cricket fielders. He showed people that fielding is a skill which an change the result of a match. He was the Don Bradman of fielding. Players like Virat Kohli and Ricky Pointing took Rhodes as their ideal.

He always helped his team South Africa with his fielding and helped his team to win a lot of matches. He was a player who never left any catch. After retirement, he also served as a fielding coach in international cricket and IPL for Kings XI Punjab.

2. Ab de Villiers

The name is not new. Almost every cricket enthusiast know this name. This player has re-defined the definition of fielding. Ab de viellers has set a high competition for fitness and fielding.

Except being the best batsman, Ab de villiers is also the best fielder. He is a fielder who has never left any catch. He can take a catch by running behind or running 10-20 metres but he never leave any.

3. Ricky Pointing

This was the only and first guy who took fielding in Australian cricket to next level. Before Pointing, fielding was not taken seriously by the Australia players but this player and captain trained his team members or players and took fielding to an another level.

He is the most successful captain in the history and also had won cricketer of the decade in 2000. He was the best player and fielder of Australia ever played.

4. Virat Kohli

This man need no introduction. Everyone knows his name. Even people not related to cricket know him. He has proved him the best. He is the best batsman currently in cricket and also the best fielder of India as well as the world .

He has re-defined fielding in India. Before him, no one was there to care for fitness and fielding. Now in Indian cricket, players are being selected on the basis of their fitness and fielding except batting or bowling.

5. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja is known for his fielding. He never left any catch. Even he is the one who almost every times hit the wicket. Currently, he is one of the best fielder in Indian cricket team and the only one who can throw ball with such a rocket speed.

No player want to keep behind the wickets when Jadeja is throwing because they all know the speed of Jadeja’s throw. He throw the ball like a rocket.

6. Glenn Maxwell

This guy acquired 6th position in our list of top 10 best cricket fielders.He is a wonderful off-spinner, a hard-hitter and an awesome fielder.

He is one of the best hard-hitter of Australia and the most wonderful and flexible player in cricket. He has hardly left any catches in his life.

7. Suresh Raina

He is the 3rd Indian player in our list of top 10 best cricket fielders. He is known for his flexibility and taking catches in air. He is the best fielder and has best catching percentage in IPL too.

He has never dropped any direct catch in his career ever. He is the most successful fielder and batsman in IPL. He has the best stats in IPL and T20s.

8. Dwayne Bravo

“Dwayne Bravo” a West Indies name showed his potential to world. Not only, a batsman or bowler but he is also one of the best fielder who is known for his perfect catching techniques.

He is one of the most active fielder currently in cricket. He is perfect in all types of catches even backward running catches or forward running catches.

9. Brendom McCullum

This player from New Zealand was earlier only known for his attacking batting but after he showed his fielding techniques, the world loved him more.

He is also a wicket-keeper and did total 457 dismissals which is a very big number. Except taking catches, he is also very good at wicket keeping.

10. Faf du Plesis

Another guy from South Africa took 10th position in our list of top 10 best cricket fielders. He is very underrated player because there are many more legends in his team like Ab de villiers but he can’t be ignores because his skills are extra ordinary.

This guy is very active and fast and one of the most lethal batsman and fielder.

So, this was our list on top 10 best cricket fielders in history.

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