How To Bowl Fast In Cricket – 6 Proven Tips

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It is always asked by bowlers that how to bowl fast but it is not a question whose answer can be given in two lines. This topic is vast and should be discussed in details. That’s why today in this article we will discuss in details that how you can bowl faster in Cricket.

See, bowling faster has many advantages and some disadvantages too. If you bowl fast then you can decrease the confidence of the batsman and eventually you may get a wicket. However, focusing only on speed can destroy your line and length of the ball. So, you should also focus on line and length.

Your bowling speed can be increased in some days if you work regular and hard. So, in today’s article we will discuss some Cricket bowling tips which will help you to increase your bowling speed rapidly.

So, let’s start without any delay and discuss in details on how to bowl fast.

1. Run-up

Run-up plays a crucial role in increasing your bowling speed. If your run-up is perfect then your 50% work is over. Below are some tips to improve your run-up.

  • Start run-up from a fixed point every time

Mark your position from where you start your run-up and start from there every time. Also, remember the total steps you take and take the same steps even in practice sessions.

  • Increase your run-up speed gradually

Start your run-up slowly and gradually increase the speed. If you start run-up with high-speed then you may get an injury. So, it’s always advised to start run-up slowly.

  • Try not to cross the bowling crease

This will not directly affect your bowling speed but if you cross the bowling speed then your speed will be more as the distance becomes less but that will be declared as no ball, which makes no sense. So, try to minimize bowling no ball.

  • Practice your run-up several times

You may have heard that “practice makes a man perfect” and it is damn true. Practice is always important. No matter how much you have information but if you are not practicing it then the information is useless. So, practice your run-up whenever you are free in nets.

2. Wrist

Bowling is connected directly with your wrist. The angle and direction you give to your wrist, the direction ball will travels. Your wrist should always be straight rather than bent. Make sure that your wrist is at 180-degree with your arm. This will help you to bowl faster and also at good line and length.

3. Use your whole body

We all at initial stage of bowling, make this mistake. We all only use our arm to give momentum to the ball. However, arm is not sufficient to give momentum and good speed to the ball. We should always use our whole body. You can also see it in the picture given below as a demo.

How To Bowl Fast In Cricket
Using whole body to give pace to the ball

4. Don’t bowl too much

This is the problem with every bowler. Cricket is a long game. It is played for a long duration that’s why bowler gets a chance of bowling for multiple overs but here everyone makes mistake. If you will bowl for many overs then your stamina will decrease and it will be seen in your bowling. Your bowling speed will be decreased rapidly. This is seen in professional cricketers too.

5. Increase your strength

Now you will think that how increasing the strength will affect the speed of bowling. But let me tell you, strength adversely affects the bowling speed. If you have strength then you can speed with more pace and for more period of time. So, let’s see some tips to increase your strength.

  • Make a workout time-table
How To Bowl Fast In Cricket

You may have seen professional cricketers doing a lot of workout and gym. You know why? Yes, to increase their strength and fitness. This may not directly hit the game but it will surely indirectly help you.

  • Running
How To Bowl Fast In Cricket

Running not only help you to increase your strength and stamina but it also helps you to increase your running speed which will help you in bowling and fielding. So, make sure to run regularly.

6. Practice regularly

How To Bowl Fast In Cricket

I always tell that practice is the key to success. Practice can rapidly affect your cricket skills. Practice for 2-3 hours of bowling daily and eventually you will see improvement in your bowling skills.

If you are an all-rounder then you must read our article on How to bat against fast bowlers. Just work hard and you will see results. Hope you got your answer for how to bowl fast in Cricket.

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