IPL vs PSL: 5 Reasons Why IPL Is Far Better Than PSL

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Indian Premier League is a league of another level. Not a single cricket league is around it. IPL is the most successful cricket league in the world in terms of money, fan following, or quality of players. IPL is the best in every aspect.

Although, IPL and PSL cannot be compared but Pakistani fans never hesitate to compare PSL and IPL and often tells PSL better than IPL. IPL has better quality of players, prize money and fan following.

The brand value of IPL is 25 times bigger than the brand value of PSL. That’s why there can’t be a perfect comparison between the both. However, in this article we will do a comparison between IPL vs PSL without any partiality.

So, let’s compare IPL vs PSL and look at all aspects.

Number of teams: IPL vs PSL

Now may be you will be thinking that how number of teams can affect the quality of a league but the truth is that it affects. Number of teams in any league totally depends on the profit of the league. If the league is making profit then tams may be increased by the board.

Currently, 8 teams are playing in IPL and we have also seen 10 teams in 2012 and 2013 whereas there are just 6 teams in PSL. BCCI is thinking to add 2 more teams in IPL till 2023 whereas PCB is also thinking to add 2 more teams till 2023 but the problem with PCB is that PSL is not making a huge profit.

So, let’s move to another point.

Time duration: IPL vs PSL

So, time duration can tell the potential of the league or the board to conduct the matches because more the duration more money would be needed. The time duration or time period of IPL is approx 2 months whereas the time duration of PSL is just 25 days.

You can predict the difference in the profit and popularity of both the leagues by the statement given above.

Brand Value: IPL vs PSL

Brand value can easily tells that which league is better or more profitable. Brand value contains many things such as teams, media rights, sponsors and many more.

So, the brand value of IPL in 2020 is $6.3 Billion or Rs.47,500 Crores in INR which is greater than the GDP of countries like Maldives and Fiji whereas the brand value of PSL in 2020 is $350 Million or Rs.1740 Crores in INR.

Prize money: IPL vs PSL

Although prize money is not the only income of the teams but one of the major income. We have written a detailed article on how IPL teams earn money, so you can read it here.

The first prize in IPL is Rs.20 crores and Rs.12 crores for the runner-up. The first prize in PSL is Rs.7 crores and Rs.4 crores for the runner-up.

Money included: IPL vs PSL

No one can deny that money is the most important thing. We saw all the 4 points above but at the end of the day everyone see money. If more money is included in any of the league than definitely that would be better.

The money in the bid in IPL for an individual team (also known as team purse) is fixed which is Rs.80 crores whereas in PSL it is just Rs.9 crore.

The most expensive cricketer in IPL is Virat Kohli whose highest bid price is 17 crores in 2020 whereas in PSL the highest bid is Rs.1.4 crore.

So, these were the most important 5 points which proves IPL is far better than PSL at prersent and no other cricket league is even around it.

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