7 Amazing Cricket Batting Tips: Which Professional player follows

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We all love to play Cricket. Don’t you? I know you do.

So, if you are a batsman you know that it is not that easy. It need some hard work and smart work too to improve the game. To be selected in any team whether school Cricket team or district team or at any level, our skills should be good to be selected.

So, those skills don’t improve in some days, they need regular practice and hard work. But if we work in right direction and do some smart work, it may take less time than regular.

So, how to improve the batting skill and become a good cricketer? Is this question hitting your mind? Do you want to become a cricketer? Do you have passion for Cricket?

Yes? Then this article is specially for you. In this article you will learn some crazy Cricket batting tips and tricks with some extra batting hacks that no one tells you.

So, this is the time to get Cricket batting tips and excel in your game. So, let’s get started.

1. Wear all protective gears

Cricket Batting Tips

This is very important if you are playing professionally or with the hard ball (Duse ball) because this gives you confidence and eventually you get out from your fear of getting hurt by the ball. If you play with the Duse play then surely you have experienced it in the past. So make sure that you wear all the safety gears correctly. This tip will help you to practice other Cricket batting tips which are given below in this article.

2. Grip the bat

Cricket Batting Tips

Gripping the bat is the basic milestone of the batting. If your grip is lose which means your base is loose and it is going to make a negative impact in your batting skill. So, first learn to hold the bat perfectly and comfortably.

Gripping the bat is easy. Just form a “V” shape with your thumb and forefinger. To learn it in more details, you can refer to the video given below.

Perfect grip

You can also refer to this article if you love to read.

3. Stance

If you are already playing Cricket at somewhat professional level, then you would be known with this term in details. Actually, stance means the posture of your leg before playing the ball or the position in which you stand before playing the ball.

You should never copy anyone’s stance as that is the position they are comfortable at and may be you are uncomfortable at that stance. Remember, stance can make or break your game. So, at initial level, try to build your own stance at which you are comfortable to play. When building a stance, one more important term comes into mind and that is given below.

  • Balance

Balance refers to your leg balance in this context. You should neither put your body weight on the front foot nor the back foot. During the stance or before playing the ball, your weight should be balanced and should be put equally on both the leg.

4. Head position

Head position plays a crucial role in batting. If your head is unstable then you cannot focus on the ball which can make a big problem. That’s why your head should always be stable and that helps you to focus on the ball. It looks like a minor task that’s why all cricketers at initial level ignore this one of the most important cricket batting tips and later they regret.

Even the legend Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar had told that stance is the root of batting and if your root is weak then you can’t dream of a big tree. This shows the importance of a still head position.

You can also read it in detail in our article on How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?

5. Backlift

In a nutshell, backlift means the backward movement of the bat. It is important in creating the momentum for the shot and helps to easily play a power shot.

So to improve your backlift, you should follow the steps given below.

  • Make sure that your elbow is facing the stumps opposite to you.
  • Your bat should face the stumps.

6. Footwork

At the initial stage, all players face problems in the footwork. They cannot decide that at which position they should play the ball, whether back foot or front foot.

See, 80% of the footwork is does by our mind, so you don’t have to do all the work physically. The thing which we have to perform is to make our mind perfect in judging the line and length of the ball. To judge the line and length of the ball correctly, follow the steps given below.

  • Focus on the ball from the initial movement of the bowler.
  • Practice to judge the line and length of the ball in the nets.

7. Practice as much as you can

Cricket Batting Tips

Practice is very important in Cricket. Player who practice regularly in nets and home as well improve their game rapidly. There are several drills which you can practice in the nets and your home. If you are in nets, then it is easy to practice as your coach is also there who guides you but when you are in your home it becomes difficult to practice. You can read our article on how to do cricket batting practice at home?

So, this was some important points on Cricket batting tips and tricks. If you follow these tips then you can see a rapid increase in your batting skill.

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