Top 10 Best Wicket Keepers In Cricket

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We all appreciate bowlers and batsman if they play well but no one cares for the wicket-keepers. This is bitter but truth. Wicket-keepers never received the appreciation which they deserved. Many wicket-keepers had done some extra ordinary but they didn’t got spot light.

Without wicket-keepers, the sport of cricket is truly incomplete. Match cannot be played without a wicket-keeper. They play the same important role like a batsman or a bowler. So, in today’s article we will give a tribute to all of those wicket-keepers who didn’t received the appreciation which they deserved and will filter top 10 best wicket keepers in cricket.

10. Andrew Flower

Andrew was born in South Africa but later his family shifted to Zimbabwe and then he began playing cricket. This was the initials stage of this legend. Later, he showed the world who he is.He was the most successful batsman and wicket-keeper, Zimbabwe ever produced.

Zimbabwe was at its golden stage in Andrew’s era. Zimbabwe was seen as a powerful team in that time and all the credits goes to this man, Andrew Flower. He took 333 (Both ODI and test) dismissals staying behind the wicket.

9. Brendom McCullum

Brendom McCullum who is also known as “the record breaker” don’t need any introduction. Every cricket enthusiast is familiar with this name. Under his leadership, New Zealand team got name and fame.

Not only with his bat but he also showed people who is he by his wicket keeping skills and techniques. He is the most successful batsman and wicket-keeper of New Zealand. He took total of 530 dismissals in his career.

8. Alec James Stewart

Alec James Stewart was a very famous name of 90s. He was a legendary batsman and wicket-keeper of England team. He was known for his activeness and fastness in wicket-keeping. He was the only batsman who never felt any fear from any fast bowlers.

He took 8th position in our list of top 10 best wicket keepers in cricket and he deserved it.

7. Moin Khan

Moin Khan who was from Pakistan and the only player of Pakistan who is known for his wicket-keeping skills. Moin Khan took 435 dismissals in his career of wicket-keeping both in Test and ODI.

He is a true legend and deserved 7th position in our list of top 10 best wicket keepers in cricket.

6. Rod Marsh

Rod Marsh or Rodney Marsh was a great player and wicket-keeper of Australia. He always supported his team with his gloves and was always alert and active when stood behind the stumps.

He took total of 355 dismissals in both ODI and test in his career.

5. Ian Healy

He is the 2nd Australian who acquired the position in our list of top 10 best wicket keepers. He was a sporty and active wicket-keeper who deserved this spot. He took a total of 628 dismissals standing behind the stumps in his career.

4. Kumar Sangakkara

Kumar Sangakkara, a Sri Lankan legend who is known and popular among all the cricket lovers. He was one of the best wicket-keepers ever born in the world. Under his leadership, Sri Lankan team achieved and saw his golden era.

He took a total of 748 dismissals in his career which is a big number and very few players have born who achieved this glory and success.

3. M.S. Dhoni

No one needs any introduction of this guy. He is one of the most popular and successful player and captain in the world and know one can contradict this fact. He is an icon for all the youths who want to make their career in cricket.

M.S Dhoni came from a small town named Ranchi of Bihar (now in Jharkhand) and made the world his fan. He took unbelievable 705 dismissals in a short period of time.

2. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher, the legend cricketer of South Africa and one of the greatest player South Africa ever produced. He was the only one to take 999 dismissals in his 15 year career as a wicket-keeper. He played all the three formats and gave the same awesome performance in all the three formats.

1. Adam Gilchrist

This man is the 3rd Australian in our list of top 10 best wicket keepers in cricket. He was a true legend batsman and a wicket-keeper. He was one of the perfect Aussies anyone have ever seen. His techniques, tactics, style every thing was just awesome. However, he retired from international cricket in 2008 but left his footprints for the coming generations.

There are total of 905 dismissals took by him and all of them was extra ordinary.

So, this was our list of top 10 best wicket keepers in cricket ever existed. Hope you liked it. Thanks for reading he article. Please share it.

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