What Is Strike Rate In Cricket?

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Cricket is full of terms which is difficult to remember. However, being a Cricket enthusiast, one must know it. Like all other terms, the Strike rate is also one of the terms that people face hard to understand and it is very important in Cricket and in this post, all your doubts related to “what is strike rate,” “how is it calculated,” and others would be cleared. So, read on to know and master it all.

So, the Strike rate in Cricket differs from player to player. The strike rate means something for a batsman and an another thing for a bowler. So, we will clear all your doubts in this post.

In a nutshell, the strike rate can be defined as the success rate of the player. However, it differs for a batsman and a bowler. So, let’s see what is strike rate for a batsman?

What is the Strike rate for a batsman?

The batsman’s strike rate means the number of runs or score he/she made per 100 balls. The higher the strike rate, the better player played. You can clear all your doubt by reading the example given below. If you are a batsman then read our amazing Cricket batting tips.

Suppose a batsman name Yash Singh made 50 runs in 25 balls, then his/her strike rate would be 200. Do you also want to calculate the strike rate of a batsman with ease? Then read the formula given below.

How to calculate the strike rate for a batsman?

The formula for calculating the strike rate of a batsman is-:
(Runs scored x 100) ÷ total balls faced

In words, the strike rate can be calculated by the total run scored by the batsman multiplied by 1000 and divided by the balls which the batsman faced.

What is the strike rate for bowlers?

The strike rate for bowlers means the number of balls bowled by the bowler to get one wicket. The less the strike rate for the bowler, the good it is. If you are a fast bowler then you must read our article on how to bowl fast.

Suppose a bowler bowled 650 balls and took 15 balls. Then, the bowler’s strike rate will be 43.3.

How to calculate the strike rate for a bowler?

The formula for calculating the strike rate of a bowler is-:
Total balls bowled ÷ total wickets taken

In words, the strike rate for a bowler can be calculated by dividing total balls by the total wickets taken by the bowler.

Batsman with highest strike rates in T20s

Below is the list of batsman with the highest batting strike rate and who have played minimum of 500 balls.

PlayerCountryBalls FacedStrike Rate
Glenn MaxwellAustralia1016158.36
Colin MunroNew Zealand1102156.44
Evin LewisWest Indies601155.40
Aaron FinchAustralia1367154.64
George MunseyScotland640154.21

Bowlers with lowest strike rates in T20s

Below is the list of the lowest strike rates of the bowlers in the history. We have only included bowlers who have bowled a minimum of 2000 balls.

PlayerCountryTotal WicketStrike Rate
George LohmannEngland11234.1
John James FerrisAustralia/England6137.1
Shane BondNew Zealand8738.7
Kagiso RabadaSouth Africa19740.6
Dale SteynSouth Africa43942.3

So, this was all a comprehensive article on what is strike rate in Cricket? Hope you got answer.

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