How To Bat Against Fast Bowlers – 7 Proven Strategy

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Do you have fear when facing a good pace bowlers?

What if I tell that you have to face a bowler who bowls at an average speed of 140 KPH? A well and trained batsman may also get afraid, so why not you?

Almost all new Cricketers have this fear and question in their mind that How To Bat Against Fast Bowlers. This is not a thing of shame. Almost all Cricketers in their initial stage have the fear of pace and they usually don’t know how to bat against fast bowlers.

Wait! first we should see the base of this fear. Which thing don’t let us go forward in batting against a fast bowlers.

Actually, the main fear when facing a fast bowler is fear of getting hurt or injury.

You may disagree with my statement but when you will think about it in deep, you will probably know that it is the main fear which is stopping you to play a pace ball.

So, in this article we will talk about how to bat against fast bowlers and how to improve the batting skills.

1. Wear all protective gear

When you face a pace bowler, you have a fear of injury. That’s why wear all protective gear which will boost your confidence and decrease the fear of injury.

This step looks normal but remember this step is very important. This will help you very much.

2. Body language

Good body language when reaching the pitch helps you to be confidence and makes your bold impact on the opponent. A weak body language can tell the opposition that you are in fear and they can take advantage of it easily.

3. Focus on the ball

Focusing on the ball helps you to easily play the shot and will decrease your fear. If you focus on the ball, you can judge the line and length of the ball and can easily adjust as per the ball and play the shot and will decrease the probability of getting an injury.

4. Rotate your strike

Rotating your strike will help you to stay at the pitch for more time and will boost you confidence. If you regularly rotate the strike, the pressure will transfer to the baller from you and he may lose his line and length.

5. Footwork

Footwork is very much important in playing a fast delivery. It will help you to play the ball wisely. Initially, try to leave some ball so that you can stay sometime at the pitch and watch the line and length of the ball.

6. Trigger movement

Trigger movement is usually a little movement of your legs before playing the ball. It helps you to come in motion before playing the ball.

Trigger movement helps you to come at front foot very faster which helps you to play the shot easily. Even you can develop a trigger movement of your own if you are comfortable to do it.

Don’t unnecessary try some trigger movement as it is not a key to success. Players like Sachin Tendulkar never ever had a trigger movement rather they prefer a static stance.

Players like Virat Kohli and Steve smith have a decent trigger movement. Below are some of the pictures of Virat Kohli trigger movement.

How To Bat Against Fast Bowlers, Virat Kohli trigger movement

7. Practice regularly

Cricket is a game of hard work. The more you do practice and hard work the better you will get results. If you follow all these steps and some batting practices along, then you will see the results.

Batting against a fast bowler is not a very hard task if you have a healthy mindset. It’s all about mindset if you make your mindset strong your fear will fade away. So, have a healthy mindset and focus on your Cricket and I hope you got your answer to the question, “How To Bat Against Fast Bowlers”.

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