Top 10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

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Indian premier league or IPL was, is and will be always the best premier league in the world. It is the most interesting league in the world. Currently there are over 2.5 billion fans of cricket and more than 1 billion fans of only IPL.

Only IPL 2019 had a brand value of more than $6.7 billion or Rs.475 billion.It is more than the total GDP of countries like Fiji and Maldives. You can determine the popularity and brand value of IPL by this. Players in IPL are bought in crores.

The highest bid for a player in IPL was for Yuvraj Singh which was more than 16 crores. The highest bid for a bowler in IPL was for Pat Cummins which was 15.5 crores. You can think about the potential and popularity of IPL with this. A 10 seconds Ad during an IPL match costs more than 1 million Rs. (10 lakhs).

Although it was diffcult to choose 10 best bowlers of IPL 2020but we did it for you. Almost all Cricket players have told that T20 is not for bowlers, it is mainly for batsman and it is truth but in IPL bowlers play an important role in winning or losing a game. We have seen many times that a good bowler can turn the match from losing to winning and winning to losing.

So, let’s see the top 10 best bowlers of IPL 2020.

1. Jasprit Bumrah

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Who don’t know “boom boom Bumrah“, at present he is the best bowler in IPL as well as Indian team. He has given a great contribution to Mumbai Indians in winning IPL 4 times. Bumrah debuted in IPL in 2012 at the age of 19 and played for India in 2016. Mumbai Indians got a strong bowler base after having Bumrah. He is the no.1 ODI bowler at present.

2. Rashid Khan

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Rashid khan-the spin king, his name says him all. Coming from a small, poor country he surprised the world. The world has never seen any spinner like him before. When he was new, many Cricket specialist and cricket fans thought that he cannot become a good spinner because of his weird action, but now he proved all wrong. He made his action, his strength. No one can see the ball because of his action as the ball hides behind his wrist. He have impressed all in IPL as well as International cricket.

3. Pat Cummins

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Pat Cummins is a new face in IPL, although he has played 16 matches last year but not shown his full potential. His performance in 2019-2020 is awesome that is why he has been bought by Kolkata knight riders in a huge amount of 15.5 Crores. He is a damn fast bowler and get an awesome bounce due to his height. He is known to bowl deadly bouncers, that’s why he has been bought by KKR. Although, his full potential is unseen.

4. Imran Tahir

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Imran Tahir- The google king, is basically from Pakistan and had played U19 for Pakistan. But after that, he played for South Africa till his retirement. He retired from international Cricket past year but has the same potential as some years back. His Googly is even can’t read by batsman now. Till now, he is the most successful right-arm leg break spinner of South Africa.

5. Dale Steyn

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Dale Steyn is a well-known name in the world of Cricket. He is one of the best bowlers in the world till now. Sir Glenn McGrath had even said that Dale Steyn has much better pace and swing than me. Now you can think about this bowler. Although he retired from international Cricket past year, but has full potential even now.

6. Bhuvneshwar Kumar

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is a senior Cricketer in Indian team and has performed very well. His swing with he new ball is just amazing. Even many big bowlers like Bumrah admire him. He has played an important role in the success of SRH. His ability to swing both sides (inswing and outswing) makes him unique.

7. Kagiso Rabada

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

This young talent from South Africa has surprised everyone with his swing and pace.He performed outstanding and leaved his mark in U-19 world cup. Currently, he is handling the pace attack of South Africa very efficiently. He has taken wickets whenever his team needs. He was retained by Delhi Capitals in 2019 although he did not played a single match in 2018.

8. Deepak Chahar

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Deepak Chahar is another young talent and the best young bowler in India at present. He also leaves his mark in U19 World cup with amazing performance. He has control on the ball and can swing the ball both the direction. His pace is also very good but he is known because of his line and length. He bowls very tightly and is a gem for the death overs.

9. Yuzvendra Chahal

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Yuzvendra chahal is a top class leg spinner. After his great performance, he confirmed his seat in Team India for every single match. He is one of the most successful spinner of India and Royal Challengers Bangalore(RCB) too. He became the First India’s spinner to take 5-wicket haul. He is known for his variations. He do variations in every single bowl and confuses the batsman.

10. Trent Boult

10 best bowlers of IPL 2020

Trent boult is a New Zealand senior player. This year he will be seen in blue dress for Mumbai Indians. MI bowling attack will become more stronger after Trent Boult. He is a specialist of death overs. He is also known for his deadly bouncers and incredible swing. His bowling action gives him more pace.

These were the top 10 10 best bowlers of IPL 2020. All Cricket fans are awaiting for IPL to start and to see their ideal.

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