How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?

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Cricket has many amazing shots and that is increasing day by day because batsmans are inventing many new shots. One of the most classic shot is Straight drive. This is a classic shot which every cricket fan love to see.

We all are curious to know How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?

Aren’t you? I am sure, you are.

At the time of Sachin Tendulkar, it was the most famous because of him only. He loved to play this shot and fans love to see this shot being played. This shot touches every Cricket fans heart.

But this shot is not as easy as it seems to be. This shot is quite difficult. You have to master it to play with perfection. So, today we will talk about How to play Straight drive like Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar.

What is Straight drive?

Straight drive is an attacking shot which is played on front foot. It is played in the straight or front direction of the batsman. From below picture you will understand that when to play straight drive.

How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?, How to play Straight drive, How to play Straight drive like a pro
This is the area where you can play cover drive

What is the target are of straight drive?

The target area of straight drive is between long-off and long-on. To know it more clearly, see the picture given below.

How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?, How to play Straight drive, How to play Straight drive like a pro
this is the area where straight drive is played

We have divided the topic How to play Straight drive into some steps to make it easier to understand. So, let’s see those steps.

1. Stance

Stance is the most important factor in Cricket to play any shot whether cover drive, straight drive or any other shots.

Remember, Stance is the position of your leg before playing the ball. The better your stance is, the better you will hit shot. That’s why always remember to have a perfect stance. Stance is the basic factor of playing any shot. That’s why if your stance is bad, you can’t hit shots perfectly.

Don’t try to copy any other player stance. Stand on a stance in which you are comfortable to play.

Below are some tips to improve your batting stance-

1. Leg distance

Don’t stretch your leg too much or too close, otherwise you will lose your balance.The distance between your feet in batting stance should be equal to the width of your shoulder. Remember this tip, this will help you a lot to make your batting stance perfect.

2. Body weight

Your body weight during stance should be balanced nor in front foot neither in back foot. This will help you to quickly shift your leg according to the line and length of the ball.

How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?, How to play Straight drive, How to play Straight drive like a pro

2. Head Position

As we all know, head position plays an important role in playing any shot. Your head should always be still before playing shot. Your head should not drop otherwise you may not be able to play the shot.

From the above picture of Sachin Tendulkar sir, we can see that how our head should be before playing shot. If your head is still, then your concentration will be more on the ball and eventually you can play the shot perfectly.

There are several drills to improve your head position. One of them and the most effective is neck stability drill.

I have talked about it earlier also in this article.

In this drill, first you have to put a tennis or other ball on the neck then take your front foot forward and drop the ball and then play the drive. Practicing it will help you very much and will improve your neck stability. You can see that in our below picture.

How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?, How to play Straight drive, How to play Straight drive like a pro

3. Leg position and movement

The more you have control in your leg position, the better you will play shots” this was the opinion of Sachin Tendulkar sir who, is and will be the ‘God of Cricket’. Leg position and movement plays very important role in cricket when playing the straight drive.

You have to take your leg out and play the straight drive shot in front foot. Straight drive is a front foot short. That is why you have to take your leg out.

4. Weight transfer

This is the skill you have to master before mastering any shots. When playing straight drive your weight should be transferred from back foot to front foot. This will help you to hit the ball with more power

5. Bat swing

Bat swing is an another factor which affects straight drive and any other shot. Basically, bat swing means the speed with which your bat is moving, If your bat swing is good, you don’t have to put much power to play the shot. Your bat swing helps to give more power to the shot.

These were some of the most important points to remember before playing straight drive. Now, i think you have got your answer for How to play Straight drive like Sachin Tendulkar?

Remember, Tendulkar didn’t become the God of Cricket in few days. It takes time and hard work. The more you practice, the better you will play. So, practice all these tips and definitely you will excel in the game.

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