how to do cricket batting practice at home?

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We all love to play Cricket and practice it. But unfortunately, many times we are unable to go to academy due to rain or any other reason. However, it is not a big problem because we can also do practise at home. However, many times we don’t know to practice which drills.

So, Read below to know how to do cricket batting practice at home?

So, today we are going to see some of the best ways through which we can practise batting at home with ease and without breaking any glasses at home.

1. Shadow Drill

Things needed: Bat & gloves

Basically, it is an easy practising technique in which you have to play some shots which you want to master repeatedly without any ball. You just have to visualise the ball.

But always, practise some of the classic shots and the shots which are preferred by your coach and try to focus on one or two shots only.

Practise it 70-80 times a day, and you will surely master it.

how to do cricket batting practice at home?
These are some of the pictures of shadow drills

2. Hanging ball

Things needed: Bat, gloves and hanging ball

It is one of the most effective and preferred techniques by the specialist In this technique, you have to hang a ball and hit it by your bat and try to middle the bat.

You can either purchase some hanging ball or you can make it at home. It is neither too costly to buy nor too hard to make.

If you practice it perfectly, then you will see results soon.

how to do cricket batting practice at home?
This is how to practice using hanging ball

3. Tap-Tap practice

Things needed: Bat, gloves and a ball

Tap-tap is a simple practice in which we repeatedly bounce the ball using bat and tries to middle the bat. It improves the focus and concentration on the ball. It also helps us to middle the most of the ball.

If you regularly practice this technique, you will see the outcome very fast.

To improve the difficulty you can practice it using one hand.

how to do cricket batting practice at home?

4. Hit the wall

Things needed: A ball and a bat

It is a simple technique and you can utilise it to improve and practice all types of balls whether a short ball, a bouncer, fast,or a medium speed ball.

In this technique, you or your friend or coach have to throw the ball on the wall and according to that ball, you have to hit it. Try to play defensive shots as you will practice it in your home and try to play with plastic or cosco ball because it will increase the speed.

how to do cricket batting practice at home?

5. Neck stability drill

Things needed: A tennis ball, bat and gloves

In this drill, we have to put a tennis ball in our one side of the neck. Then slowly move your front foot and drop the ball and play the drive.

This technique will help you to focus on the ball and improve your eye-coordination. If you practice this technique regularly then, you can master the drive shorts.

See this below picture to know how to practice this drill.

how to do cricket batting practice at home?
Photo credit: Ashu Parmar

These were the 5 best drills on how to do cricket batting practice at home?

These drills a practiced by professionals also and they have recommended these drills many times.

Hope you liked it! So, regularly practice these drills to improve your batting and game and you will definitely see a huge improvement in your game.

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