How To Bowl Googly Like Shane Warne

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Googly or Wrong-un is the most dangerous leg-break variation for a batsman if bowled in right way. It can easily destroy a batsman. It can surprise a batsman easily and it is an element which is and should be used rarely.

Googly is a type of variation in leg-break bowling which turns toward the batsman like off spin bowling. So, before getting into more details, let’s see some difference between leg-break and googly.

Difference between leg-break & Googly

Basically, in leg-break bowl spin away from the batsman whereas in googly bowls spin towards the batsman. However, googly is a variation in leg-break bowling. If you have a confusion between leg spin and off spin, then you can read our article on Leg Spin VS Off Spin and which one is better.

How To Bowl Googly

How to bowl Googly (Perfectly)

So, to bowl googly there are some points to bowl a perfect googly. Follow the steps given below to bowl perfect googly.


Grip for googly is same as the grip for leg-break. In this post i have discussed perfect grip for leg-break bowling, you may see that if you want information in details. Otherwise read on for brief description on grip for googly.

How To Bowl Googly

You can see the perfect grip for googly as well as leg-break in the image given above. The grip is called “two ups and two downs” because your two fingers (index finger and middle finger) are put on the top of the ball and other ring finger and small finger are kept on the bottom to support the spin and other two fingers.


Run-up for bowling a googly is same like leg spin. Googly don’t need any other type of run-up because if you would take run-up different for googly then batsman can guess easily that you are bowling a googly to him/her which can make your bowling easy to guess for batsman. So, keep run-up same as leg-break.

Release of the ball

Release is the thing which makes the difference. Release is the most important thing to bowl a googly.

Your feet should be aligned and your energy should be transferred towards the front at the end point of release. Your eyes should be on the target (where you want to pitch the ball) and make sure that your wrist is 180 degree to the land because it is the most important thing which will give your ball spin towards the batsman.

You can see the image given below.

How To Bowl Googly

These are some basics which are essential to bowl a googly bowl.

Where to pitch the Googly

This is very common question among the leg spinners and it is one of the most important question as well. So, below is the image which will explain you where you should bowl to get the wicket using googly.

How To Bowl Googly
This is the best part of the pitch to bowl a googly

This is the best area where you can land your googly ball. If you get a slight spin then also the ball will spin towards the batsman and may hit the stump or a batsman can be LBW.

To bowl googly, first you have to become god in leg-break because you can’t bowl googly all the times. So, to master the art of leg-break bowling, read our article on how to bowl leg spin like Shane Warne?

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