Dream 11 Tips And Tricks To Win Every Single Match

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Cricket is becoming more popular every single day. It is the most popular sports in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Earlier fans used to watch the cricket but nowadays they also play cricket through fantasy platforms like Dream11.

Dream 11 is the biggest fantasy app in India for all sports including Cricket, Football, Basketball and Kabaddi. People are winning lakh of Rupees on Dream 11 and believe me it is not their luck but their hard work and analysis of the team.

People who win big leagues in Dream11 are very good at analysis and I want you to be like them. In this post, we will talk about the best and secret Dream 11 tips and tricks.

1. Play small leagues

This tip will help you a lot. We all want to earn big but when you play big-league the competition is very high and the percentage of your winning is not almost even 0.1%. However, when you play small league the chances of winning drastically increases.

Playing smaller leagues doesn’t mean that you will win an all penny. There are several small leagues in which you can earn up to Rs.1000 and if you join 2-3 small league than you can earn a good amount.

2. Do not play every match

This is also one of the most important points to remember. This mistake is made by everyone. Even when I started I made this mistake which led to 4k Rs. loss. That’s why i want to give you this tip. Play only selected matches in which you think you can win. Do not play every single match. You may lose money instead of winning.

3. See the stats of your opponent before entering the contest

This is a very helpful trick and is known to very few people. Recently, Dream11 came with an update which enables us to see the stats of our opponent before entering the contest. The stats will show the total matches and contest played by the opponent and the er of times he/she has won. If you choose a weak opponent then your percentage of winning will increase drastically. This is one of the best tips in our list of Dream 11 tips and tricks.

4. See the order of batting before selecting your final team

This is also one of the best tricks I could give you. Before finalizing the team, see the order of the ing team. This will help you to choose only effective player. Don’t unnecessarily choose players who will come very late. Choose players from starting downs if the pitch is predicted to help batsman.

5. See pitch report

It is also the best trick to make amazing team in Dream11. Usually, people don’t prefer to see pitch reports and they make their team without any analysis. But you should always make your team according to your analysis and it will help you to easily win the contest. In the pitch report, see whether the pitch will help bowlers or batsman. In our Fantasy cricket section, you will find a fantasy team for every important game.

6. Take new and unknown players

This is the best tip in our list of Dream 11 tips and tricks. Only this trick can help you win every single match if you select good players. People generally don’t choose new and unknown younger players instead they prefer to go with old known players like Rohit Sharma and M.S. Dhoni and yes they are legend but you should have a balance between experience and talent.

There is a chance that younger players may not perform well in every match but if he/she performed then you will win easily. The points of younger and unknown players are also very less which gives one more reason to choose unknown and, talented players.

7. Do not invest all your money in a single match

This is one of the common mistake among the new players in Dream 11. They want to make huge money and are ready to take big risks but after their loss they suffer from depression. Remember, Dream 11 is not a scheme in which you become millionaire in a night. You have to do practice and analysis and gradually you become good in Dream 11.

This is the most important tip for you. Remember this in mind whenever playing a game in Dream 11.

So, this was all about Dream 11 tips and tricks which no one tells.

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